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When your customers dine on a Sanxing Eco Pack plate, clamshell or food package, you can rest easy knowing the product was manufactured and packed with the highest quality and food safety standards. To maintain and measure these standards, Sanxing factory has implemented world-class systems processes and safeguards including:

Totally Enclosed Workshop-Our workshop are totally enclosed for 24 hours to make sure not dust, not insect or other pollution.
Individual Inspection C Every single piece that is manufactured in our factory is individually inspected to ensure there are no defects.
Water/Oil Testing C Your products are tested every 30 minutes in our product laboratory to ensure they are meeting oil/water temperature resistance standards.
Ultra-Violet Ray Sterilization C Before entering the packaging room, every product must pass through ultra violet rays to ensure sterilization.
Lot Numbers C All of your products are shipped in packaging that displays a Lot Number on the box. This allows you to trace every product back to the date, time, mold, and employee responsible for the production.



With the traditional plastic tableware products compared to our main raw material used (paper pulp, bagasse, etc.) of plant fiber paper tableware. The product has a nice, high strength, water and oil resistant performance, appropriate for natural degradation, eases of recycling, non-toxic and tasteless characteristics, production and use of the process without any pollution, and is a new type of environmentally friendly alternative is deeply outside users and praise. Our company also introduced a number of high-tech production equipment, forming a system-based production


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